Neoclassical interiors are loved for their timeless elegance – an obvious choice for the client.

About the Project

Falling lives captured in their romance of dance, flawless… inviting … compelling to join in. This space was created by @atallonhomes with inspiring feel of a long awaited spring, fresh burst of colours to entertain and unwind. How does it make you feel?!

Practicality and restraint of minimalism, elegance and balanced proportions of classics, innovative and bold technologies in intricate style design – all this can be characterised in one word – neoclassic. The noble and restrained decor of this style is not conservative, as it may seem – it is quite versatile and not afraid of innovations. The main features of the room are the state of the art lighting, flowers, artwork and decorative moulding which adorn neoclassical walls and ceilings.

For an interior in the neoclassical style, it does not matter what shades you choose for the design, the main thing is to try to make it look natural, this is the key to a relaxed ambiance to provide an elegant aura and charm. The interior becomes atmospheric, light and airy.

The neoclassical style is about elegance and sophistication.

The Dancing Leaves Chandelier – composed of glass sycamore like tree leaves, a contemporary style glass sculpture by Ludek Hroch
Dining Chairs by GUBI
Art Photography by Antonio Mora
Curtains fabric by Chase Erwin
Bar Chairs by Phase Design
Bar Lighting by Ciopato & Coombes bolle