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Design Studio at ATALLON HOMES

Starting with property development, and now entering the world of interior design, we aim to give our clients the ability to relate to their house on a more personal and deep level, creating a line of design that’s tasteful, coherent and an expression of who they are. A true oasis of comfort and design, that materialises their feelings and their personalities.

We work with small and medium-size developers to create unique interiors in line with your development’s brand promise. We give your space a distinctive, individual identity through interior design, branding and creating an emotional connection in our show home. We help our Clients sell aspirational lifestyle and turn logical decisions into emotional ones.

We specialise in the following areas:


Our Interior Designers will help you create interiors that will stand out from other developments in the area. We’re famous for creating aspirational show homes that turn logical purchase decisions into emotional ones.


Interior Design Scheme
Furniture, Accessories, Soft Furnishings
Professional Installation


Control the marketing of your space and align it to your overall proposition with our marketing tools. Our team will make sure that development branding, look & feel, and interiors (both actual and renders) have the right look for the audience you’re targeting.

Our services include:

Photo-realistic CGIs
Hoarding Design
3D Modeling and Visualisation
Virtual Reality Tour

Our cutting-edge technology allows the new homeowners to walk through the building in virtual reality (VR) while also being able to try out different variations of interior design before it is built and assembled.

VR glasses allow experiencing spaces and furniture in real sizes adopted even to the specific height of the user. Therefore, an authentic experience of walking around your new home is created.